Center for Spiritual Transformation

on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida

Are you on a journey?





We may not be your destination but we can be part of the journey.

You don't have to be alone. There are many who have been where you may be now and found their way to a more positive place.

We are the Center for Spiritual Transformation.

We are a group of people offering you a path to find peace, to find comfort in who you really are. We are here to be your guide, your friend, your companion, in your journey of discovering you. Along the way you will find those who have been with you all along.




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There are actually many different ways or paths to choose from. There is no one perfect way but many based upon your unique and individual needs. You may choose many.




Plant Nursery
Business Group

If you would like an introduction to these paths click on the Pathways button




Our team of guides are here to help you find your way. Each has been on down many of these paths and want the chance to guide you.

The Center for Spiritual Transformation does have a place to meet, to share, to guide one another. For us that place is St. Boniface Church. They let us use their wonderful facilities so we can have a home.


We are independent of the Church.

We are dependent on the church for a home.

Call the number below and leave a message. We will call you.

Or search through the guides by selecting the YOUR GUIDES button above and begin by contacting the pathway guide for a path that looks interesting to you.

The only thing you will loose is the very thing you want to loose.